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emaster tutor training

About the Authors



Leslie K. Yoder

Leslie K. Yoder first began her teaching career as a chemistry tutor twenty years ago, and once her first student, Pat, went from a D to an A, she was hooked. Currently, she is an English composition instructor, writing center coordinator, Learning Assistant Services advisory committee member, and closet computer nerd at Southwestern College. Involved with cross-disciplinary tutor and faculty training since 1998, she worked with Andrew C. Rempt to take the college's tutor training program online. She has a Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning from California State University, Hayward, and regularly teaches online in addition to her face-to-face classes.



Andrew C. Rempt


Andrew C. Rempt worked his way through six years of college as an English tutor before earning his MA in English at the University of California, Riverside in 1992. That same year, he was hired as a full-time instructor at Southwestern College (SWC) in Chula Vista, CA. At SWC, he helped co-found the SWC Writing Center, where he still works as a coordinator. He has been involved with online learning and teaching since 1997, having taken courses from UCLA and Cerro Coso College. The result of these studies was a successful online training course for assisting instructors to establish a Web presence for their classes. After teaching that course for two years, he moved into online tutor training through his role as a Writing Center coordinator. In his spare time, he still teaches too many Composition and Literature courses in his secret identity as an English teacher.






The authors would like to acknowledge Barbara J. Speidel for her overwhelming support, and Peter W. Stevens for his kindness and belief in our work.

We are also very grateful to Dr. Renee Kilmer, Dr. Judith Bornholdt, Dr. John Newhouse, Dr. Phyllis Sensenig, Wendy Smith and Andy MacNeill for all their encouragement and cooperation in our various online adventures.

We would be remiss not to mention our fellow SWC Writing Center Coordinators, Dagmar Fields, Tracy Schaelen, Cheryl Norton and Martha Kennedy, as well as all the tutors who took part in the pilot for this course.

Finally, we thank Wren Yoder and Patti Larkin for all of their love and support.



About the Publisher

The Cambridge Stratford Study Skills Institute is an international organization of learning skills and tutor training professionals dedicated to the pursuit of helping students of all ages to study smarter, read faster and score higher on tests, key ingredients for success in school as well as life.

As a division of Cambridge Stratford Ltd., the Institute provides inservice training and consulting to teaching staff plus formal instruction to students and tutors in the middle school through college levels using the internationally renowned editions of the Cambridge Stratford Study Skills Course and The Master Tutor: A Guidebook to More Effective Tutoring.